How Can A Teacher Help a Student Not To Be A Dropout?

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How Can A Teacher Help a Student Not To Be A Dropout?  Here’s big puzzle that has really been disturbing the edcuational system as you know. See suggessted solutions below.

How Can A Teacher Help a Student Not To Be A Dropout?

According to research every year there are always about 1 million students that dropout of school yearly without getting a diploma or certificate and there are a lot of reasons for that. Nevertheless dropping out of school is bad because it can lead to a lot of issues and difficulties like ; lower paying jobs, poverty and so on. It is very important for a teacher to help their students on how to make their students graduate and not drop out. So In today’s article we will be listing out important values to teachers.

Connect with parents outside of school

One of the best ways to help keep students from dropping out of school is by engaging with their parents so they can help motivate their children. If you are a teacher or faculty member, make appointments with at-risk children for home visits with their parents. You can also organize parent-teacher conferences to establish a first connection.

You can also allow parents to access their child’s grades online. That way, they can track their child’s progress throughout the year instead of waiting for a report card. Not all children have supportive parents, so this may not be possible. If so, focus on helping your student while they are in school rather than on the parents

Connect with your at-risk students

It’s very important to build a relationship based on honesty as well as trust. Talk to your students about what they are going through and really listen to what they have to say. Be open and honest, but also give them hope for the future.
If there are children in your class who are at risk, consider meeting with them after school once a week to check. build a relationship much faster than trying to sweeten things up.

Involve students in extracurricular activities

Push them into sports or clubs to get them involved in school life.
Students who play sports are more likely to go to college and even get better grades.

Some students may not want to do an extracurricular activity (or have the time) and that’s okay too. Let them focus on their studies for now and try again later. Most extracurricular activities require passing grades to participate, which is another good motivation to stay in school and get good grades. When they participate in different activities at school this will make them get familiarized with their school and it will avoid drop out.

Associate the students with the consultants

You can associate a student with the school counselors as they will supervise students throughout the school year. You can match individual students or groups of students and have them meet with their advisors on a weekly or monthly basis. If you don’t have that many counselors, you can book appointments for the kids who are most likely to fail or drop out. Educational advisers can also help students plan for their academic future, for example by applying for college or vocational school.

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