Adverse Influences of Peer Pressure on Teenagers

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Adverse Influences of Peer Pressure on Teenagers – there are so many adverse/negative influences teenagers encounter from their follow peers, one of annoying features of teenagers is peer pressure.

Peer-pressure simply means influences from member of one’s peer group. Merriam Webster define Peer-pressure as a feeling that one must do the same things as other people of one’s age and social group in order to be respected.

Peer-pressure is most found among people of age range between 12-19 years and mostly in colleges and high schools.

Adverse Influences of Peer Pressure on Teenagers

In this article, we will be discussing some adverse/negative effects of peer-pressure on teenagers.

Relationship with Family and Friends is Affected

Peer-pressure tends to affect teenagers relationship with family members and friends by way of making them feel in one or the other that the world doesn’t have empathy concerning them and also seems that family members and friends is against them and it tends to draw teenagers away from family members and friends who wish them well.

Loss of Self-Confidence

Peer-pressure can have a negative effect on teenagers in terms of dip in level of self-confidence as it can make a teenager lose believe in his/her self by means of low self-esteem, lack of confidence.

Academic Fluctuation and Wavering:

Teenagers seem to seek approval from their fellow peer ahead of his/her parent and teachers who wishes them well and good advices and this in turn causes academic fluctuation by means of falling level of grades, class attendance.

Cultivate/Development of Precarious Habits:

It is widely noticed that the highest negative effect of peer-pressure is development of new habits in order to be accepted. Peer-pressure tends to incur the development such as smoking, cultism, alcohol consumption, substances abuse and many more precarious act that is not accepted in the society.

Ideation of Self-Slaying

Peer-pressure can also have an impact of perversity or self-slaying in a teenager’s life by fostering the ideation of suicide out of feelings of not being accepted in the society or by family members and friends, and also out of depression and being anxious.

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