Importance Of Exam – Necessity of Examination

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Importance Of Exam – Necessity of Examination. Is examination really necessary? Why do you think examination is being held.

There is always a fear in students when they hear about exams and research has shown that a lot of students don’t like examinations, maybe it’s because they don’t know the importance of examinations.

But there is a big question we need to answer in today’s article which is “ _Are exams important ?_ The answer to this question is yes and In today’s article we will be listing out the importance of examinations.

Importance Of Exam – Necessity of Examination

1. Part of Growth For Students

The truth is every student finds the exam as a scary object but the exam isn’t to scare anyone whereas it is basically intended to develop great knowledge and growth for students. Most of the time all the questions that would be asked in the examination are what students would have been taught in their class. And this makes so much sense because when they write multiple exams this will prepare them for the future, because when they begin their professions later on they will be well trained and examinations would give them more experience.

Testing is absolutely normal which means that exams are very important for all students as this will help to improve the student’s memory, personality and also revision skills.

Basically exams can be in the form of a written one or through oral speech exams, research has shown that a lot of students have a wrong belief about exams and they all feel it’s not necessary. But when a student thinks about the examination in a positive way, and also thinks about the great benefits of the exam this will let the students understand the importance of exams.

2. It builds Confidence

Yes, an exam builds confidence in a student, and how does an exam build confidence in a student ? Exams might look tough but there are a lot of great benefits of education. It helps to build confidence in the sense that before students write an exam they will have to practice well, do research and so on. This research will go a long way because as the students practice more, the more knowledge they have about their professions and this will help them to be confident in school and also when they get their desired jobs.

3. Scholarships

In some remote countries some parents are not rich enough to sponsor their children into higher institutions. Exams can be a great opportunity for a student to be qualified to have scholarships and be sponsored by the government or an organization. And research has shown that exams have really helped a lot of students to be qualified for a scholarship.

In summary

Every student needs to understand that exams should not be seen as a threat but they should be seen as a helpful tool. Exams can be written and can be done through speech either of the way you need to study hard before you could pass an exam.

Exams come with great benefits and anyone who studies hard would find exams very easy and fun.

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