How to Overcome Low Self Esteem

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Have you been seeing yourself from the bad light? Never thought anything great could come out of you? See How to Overcome Low Self Esteem.

The word low self-esteem simply means by seeing yourself as unacceptable, inadequate, incomplete, and unworthy. What these type of beliefs create is essentially bad and they all build up negative and self-critical thoughts that can easily affect one’s behavior and also affect different life choices someone might to take and all these leads to what we call “ low self-esteem”

A psychologist named Deborah Ward said that “ You can easily learn and look at situations when you’re using the tools of mindfulness.

In today’s article, you will learn how to overcome low self-esteem.

Here is How You Can Overcome Low Self Esteem

1. Always Make Sure To Live in the moment

Even when you feel like you have low esteem and you’d want to overcome it you need to be well focused on moments that you can actually choose your actions wisely and also consciously, an important thing you need to focus on is that you must not be affected by the hurts of your past and also you need to be unconcerned about the difficulties, worries or hopes of or about the future. We can always build strong awareness and also recognize how we always respond and also react to our own fears. An honest truth is that we can always choose to always respond in a very healthier way. When we always try to worry less about things that aren’t really necessary this will help build up our self-esteem.

2. Writing In journals

All our thoughts and the feelings we do have either good or bad are always kept or locked in our subconscious mind. Yes this is so true because every human being thinks about one or two things and usually what we think about is always in our mind always. There has been great research that shows that when we write about how we feel this will help us to actually separate all the bad thoughts or negative Ideas we have about ourselves. Writing has been one of the most effective and strongest ways to over low self-esteem.

3. Never be Judgemental

Each time we approach our lives in a non-judgemental way that simply shows that we definitely appreciate and accept ourselves including our failures, successes, And also when we always learn to accept people neither they are good or bad without shame and pride this will definitely go a long way as it will help us to overcome our self-esteem.

3. Staying Connected*To Yourself Always

Being mindful always is really a superficial thing that can easily help you to actually develop a very great sense of connection to yourself. When you learn to stay connected to yourself and always reduce your people-pleasing ways and learn to appreciate yourself and always think about your own needs..

4. Partake mindful meditation

The word “meditation” simply means by letting all the racing thoughts in your mind go off and always accept the fact that those thoughts, beliefs, and feelings are all transient rather than part of yourself.. Meditating is one of the major keys on how to overcome low esteem. But unfortunately most people don’t know how to meditate In a right or suitable way..

Here’s how to meditate

i. Be Still: Being still is a good technique that you can always use when you want to meditate. When someone is still it usually includes focus, attention and full concentration.

ii. Focus on your breathing: Focusing on your breathing helps you to drift away all your worries. Simply breathe in and out gently. When you focus on your breathing you’ll have the full accessibility to meditate In an effective and in a proper way.

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