How to Help Your Friend Study – Best Guide

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You’re about reading the best guide on how to help your friend study. These are all practicable approaches that work, so lets go!

Relationships take a lot of attention and focus and some students who are dating might not concentrate on their studies. But in today’s article you will be able to learn how you can help your friend study and you both will focus on your studies without being distracted.

How to Help Your Friend Study

Suggest the right time to study

Before you must begin studying you both need to have a specific place for study, it is very advisable to be a calm place for you both to concentrate well. Make sure you also know her opinion about where she’d love to study with you. You both need to agree on the time you will both study and it has to be at your convenience.

Know her studying style

We all learn differently and that is why it is very important for you to know how your friend studies.
Before you must begin the study you need to ask her various questions about how she studies as this will give you an insight into how you will both study easily. People learn in different ways. She might be a visual learner and if she is a visual learner then you should always recommend her to draw color codes notes for her calculus class. In essence you need to understand how your friend studies and how she assimilates it for you guys to get the best results from your studies.

Quiz From Her Notes

Another helpful trick you could do is to help her study using the quiz. But before you must do that you should have both planned on what topic she would have studied on. After she might have studied well on the topic you both can then plan a day you both will meet and ask her quiz questions from what she had already studied on. This method will be of great help and you both will have more knowledge on what you’re studying.

Read and teach Him/Her

A simple theory about teachers is that they always tend to know more because they teach their students. The more they teach their students the more knowledge about the subjects they teach. And this can apply to all, a very simple thing you could do is to teach your friend some topics you’re good about. Not only you’re teaching her, you will also have more knowledge about what you’re teaching. You can plan ahead by reading a topic you would love to know about, practice well on it and get the best knowledge about it. Then after you can plan and invite your friend over to come and study with you.

Study online

Studying online is a great platform for anyone to study in. You can study both using YouTube and Google. You can also study while you both are at home by using video call apps like zoom etc and also you can both join online group study. If you both keep doing this you’ll benefit more.

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